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Terms and Condition

1. Ordering Process
1.1 Customers may place orders through our secured website or in-store. To complete an order, customers must provide accurate information, including name, address, contact number, payment details, and email.
1.2 Security: We employ industry-standard encryption technologies to ensure the security of customer information during the ordering process.

2. Payment Terms
2.1 We accept various secure payment methods, including card, cash, PayPal, debit, and credit. No instalment payments are currently offered. Future instalment plans may be introduced, requiring a 40-50% deposit.

3. Pricing and Taxes
3.1 All prices listed on our secured website or in-store include applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change, but any changes will not affect orders already placed.

4. Delivery and Shipping
4.1 Delivery and fixing services are offered separately.
4.2 Delivery charges vary based on the distance. Delivery is available only within the UK.
4.3 Delivery times may vary, ranging from 1 day to 6 weeks depending on product availability.

5. Returns and Refunds
5.1 Returns are accepted within 28 days of receiving the product.
5.2 For items collected by a third-party courier assigned by the customer, we cannot be held liable for damages. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the collection process is handled appropriately.
5.3 Return Procedure: To initiate a return, customers must follow the specified procedure for returns. Failure to comply with the above procedure will result in goods not being credited or replaced.
5.4 Goods may only be returned with our prior written permission. A deduction of at least 10% will be made from the credit note as a handling charge.
5.5 No credit notes can be issued until the goods are returned to our warehouse, well packed to avoid further damage.
5.6 In cases where orders have been correctly executed by us, goods may only be returned with our prior written permission.
5.7 Refunds, replacements, or credit will be offered depending on the situation. Refunds will be processed promptly.

6. Product Descriptions and Availability
6.1 We make every effort to update product availability on our secured website.
6.2 Out-of-Stock Items: Out-of-stock items will be clearly indicated.
6.3 Delivery times may vary based on product availability, ranging from 1 day to 6 weeks.

7. Warranties and Guarantees
7.1 A manufacturer's warranty of 1 year is offered upon delivery.
7.2 Warranty Claims: Customers must provide evidence of issues, and warranty claims will be approved accordingly.
7.3 Coverage: The manufacturer's warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.
7.4 Exclusions: The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, neglect, accidents, alterations, or improper installation.
7.5 Claims Process: To initiate a warranty claim, customers must follow the specified procedure. Warranty claims will be subject to verification and approval.
7.6 Resolution: Approved warranty claims may result in repairs, replacements, or other remedies at the discretion of Final Touch Furniture.
7.7 Limitation: This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective items and does not include incidental or consequential damages.
7.8 Documentation: Customers are advised to retain purchase receipts and delivery documents for warranty claims.
7.9 Post-Warranty Support: After the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty, Final Touch Furniture may offer post-warranty support or services at its discretion.

8. Intellectual Property
8.1 Usage Restrictions: Customers are not permitted to copy or use images, descriptions, or any other intellectual property from our secured website without explicit permission.

9. User Accounts
9.1 Customers are encouraged to create accounts for order tracking and to receive future promotions.
9.2 Account Security: Account information must be kept secure, and customers are responsible for any activities occurring under their account.

10. Liability and Dispute Resolution
10.1 Liability for the use of our products is outlined in the warranty.
10.2 Dispute Resolution: Disputes will be resolved through negotiation or mediation.

11. Inspection and Damages
11.1 Upon Delivery: Items must be checked thoroughly upon delivery.
11.2 The condition of the goods becomes the responsibility of the buyer immediately upon delivery to the buyer's address.
11.3 Damage Responsibility: Responsibility for any damage found on the item when checking has been refused by the individual accepting the delivery is held by the buyer.
11.4 The buyer has 28 days after shop delivery to report any damages to goods not inspected upon delivery but found by the buyer's customer.
11.5 Goods being returned must be in their original packaging. Therefore, it is advised to take care when opening the boxes/cartons to keep all the packaging intact.
11.6 We cannot accept returns that do not have their original packaging.

12. Examination of Returns
12.1 We will examine and quality control all returns.
12.2 Once the defective item is accepted, a credit note will be raised to the customer's account.

13. Product Display and Handcrafted Items
13.1 Accuracy: Final Touch Furniture endeavours to ensure all products are displayed accurately on its website.
13.2 Variations: Due to camera, lighting, and customers' computer/tablet setup, products may vary in colour.
13.3 As a large proportion of Final Touch Furniture products are handcrafted, all height/weight dimensions of products offered are approximations.
13.4 Final Touch Furniture will not accept these variations as faults.

14. Stock Levels and Pricing
14.1 The Final Touch Furniture website offers a large selection of stock.
14.2 On rare occasions, despite due diligence, product stock level(s) and price(s) may be incorrect.
14.3 Final Touch Furniture is under no obligation to supply products in the unfortunate event of incorrect pricing/stock levels.
14.4 Pricing/stock levels will be/can be verified by Sales Staff or by sales order confirmation before delivery.

15. Order Cancellation
15.1 All orders must be canceled in writing or via email.
15.2 Orders can only be canceled prior to dispatch.
15.3 If the goods are already in transit, there will be a 20% returns fee levied.

16. Agreement to Terms & Conditions
16.1 By purchasing from Final Touch Furniture, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms & Conditions of being a customer of Final Touch Furniture.

17. Changes to Terms and Conditions
17.1 Customers will be notified of changes to terms and conditions.
17.2 Continued use of our services implies acceptance of updated terms.

18. Compliance with Laws
18.1 These terms and conditions comply with relevant UK consumer protection laws.

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