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Introducing the Turin Recliner Sofa Set, the perfect choice for those who value comfort and style. Available in black, grey, and brown leather aire, as well as a sleek grey fabric, this set offers versatility to match any decor. Customers can opt for the complete set of a 3 seater, 2 seater, and 1 seater or simply choose the 3 and 2 seater combination. With its plush seating, adjustable headrests, and reclining features, the Turin Recliner Sofa Set guarantees a relaxing and enjoyable experience every time.

Turin Recliner Sofa Set

£1,499.00 Regular Price
£999.00Sale Price

1 Seater (Max Dimensions): 

- Height: 101cm 

- Width: 96cm 

- Depth: 97cm

2 Seater (Max Dimensions): 

- Height: 152cm 

- Width: 102cm 

- Depth: 97cm

3 Seater (Max Dimensions): 

- Height: 102cm 

- Width: 206cm 

- Depth: 97cm

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