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Introducing the Paris Linen Sofa Bed in Dark Grey, a versatile and stylish addition to any modern living space. This sofa bed effortlessly combines comfort with functionality, offering both seating and sleeping options in one elegant piece of furniture.


Crafted with a sophisticated dark grey linen upholstery, this sofa bed exudes contemporary charm and complements a variety of interior styles. The innovative folding back feature allows for seamless transformation from a cozy seating area during the day to a comfortable bed at night, making it perfect for accommodating guests or providing a restful sleeping space in smaller homes or apartments.


Equipped with a convenient pull-out mechanism, transforming this sofa into a bed is quick and easy, ensuring hassle-free transitions between day and night. With its sleek design, practical folding back feature, and plush linen upholstery, the Paris Linen Sofa Bed offers both comfort and style for modern living.

Paris Sofa Bed

£599.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price
Colour : Grey

Sofa (Max Dimensions): 

- Height: 89cm 

- Width: 188cm 

- Depth: 78cm

Bed (Max Dimensions): 

- Height: 42cm 

- Width: 188cm 

- Depth: 107cm


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