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Experience undisturbed sleep with our affordable Standard Pocket Spring Mattress, boasting a thickness of 20-22cm for optimal comfort. This fantastic sprung budget mattress ensures regular comfort with its pocket spring feature, eliminating roll-together for a peaceful night's rest. Perfect for all ages.


Crafted with precision, our Pocket Spring system provides superior support, pressure relief, and corrects spinal alignment with individually wrapped springs. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep as the independent wrapping prevents roll-together and ensures your partner's movements won't affect your rest.


Enhance your sleeping experience with the soft 3D Knit tape edge cover, gentle on the skin. With a total depth of 20-22cm, this mattress accommodates various bed types including divan bases and bed frames. Hypoallergenic and sanitized fabric ensures a clean sleep environment, perfect for allergy sufferers.


Available in multiple sizes, including Double and King Size, our Pocket Spring Mattress caters to a variety of bed frames and preferences. Choose the size that best suits your needs, ensuring a tailored and comfortable sleep experience for every member of your household.

Gold 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress

£499.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price

Pocket Springs: The mattress is manufactured using a pocket spring system. Each of the springs are individually wrapped meaning they can move independently from one another. This provides your body with better support, pressure relief, and corrects spinal alignment to a greater degree compared to coil springs.

Soft Cover: The sprung matress comes complete with a 3D Knit tape edge cover which is soft and kind to skin. With a 20-22cm total depth, the mattress is perfect for many bed types including, divan bases and bed frames. Hypoallergenic and sanitised fabric is used for the cover.

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