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Introducing our Hybrid Memory Supreme Mattress, the pinnacle of comfort and innovation. Crafted with precision, this mattress combines the best of both worlds with its unique blend of materials designed to deliver unparalleled support and luxury.


At the core of this mattress lies a 15cm layer of Revo Support Foam, providing exceptional stability and durability for a restful night's sleep. On top of this, you'll find 5cm of ReFo Comfort Foam, offering plush cushioning to cradle your body in comfort.


Experience the cooling sensation of our 3cm gel-infused Latex Foam, which not only regulates temperature but also provides superior pressure relief for enhanced blood flow and circulation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to restorative sleep.


With its removable cover and dust mite-resistant properties, maintenance and hygiene are a breeze, ensuring your mattress stays fresh and clean for years to come. Invest in the ultimate sleep solution with our Hybrid Memory Supreme Mattress, where luxury meets functionality for an unparalleled sleep experience.


Available in multiple sizes, including Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, and Super King, our Deluxe Mattress caters to a variety of bed frames and preferences. Choose the size that best suits your needs, ensuring a tailored and comfortable sleep experience for every member of your household.

Hybrid Memory Supreme Mattress

£649.00 Regular Price
£549.00Sale Price

Advanced Comfort Technology: Experience the Hybrid Memory Supreme Mattress, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional comfort and support. With its innovative blend of materials, including gel-infused latex foam and Revo Support Foam, this mattress offers the perfect balance of pressure relief and stability for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Health and Wellness Benefits: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our mattress is designed with dust mite-resistant properties, promoting a cleaner and healthier sleep environment. The fast heat dissipation capabilities of the gel-infused latex foam ensure optimal temperature regulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Superior Sleep Quality: Indulge in a mattress that not only provides superior comfort but also prioritizes your well-being. With its unique features and advanced design, the Hybrid Memory Supreme Mattress is the ideal choice for those seeking a restful and revitalizing sleep experience night after night.

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