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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled comfort of our Geltech 5000 mattress, meticulously designed to meet your unique sleep needs. Available in both firm and regular comfort options, this mattress offers customizable support, ensuring a personalized sleep experience tailored to your preferences.


Crafted with advanced Laygel technology, the Geltech 5000 mattress combines the plush comfort of memory foam with the cooling properties of gel infusion. Say goodbye to restless nights as this innovative technology adapts to your body's contours, providing optimal pressure relief and support throughout the night.


Experience a cooler, softer, and fresher sleep environment with the Geltech 5000 mattress, designed to deliver ultimate comfort and rejuvenation. Upgrade your sleep experience today and discover the perfect balance of support and luxury for a restful night's sleep.


Available in multiple sizes, including Single, Small Double, Double and King Size, our Mattress caters to a variety of bed frames and preferences. Choose the size that best suits your needs, ensuring a tailored and comfortable sleep experience for every member of your household.

Geltech 5000 Memory Foam Mattress

£429.00 Regular Price
£329.00Sale Price

Memory Foam Comfort:

Delve into unparalleled comfort with our Geltech 5000 mattress. Infused with innovative Laygel technology, it combines the luxurious feel of memory foam with cooling gel infusion for a truly indulgent sleep experience. Ideal for those seeking the perfect balance of support and luxury.

Breathable Design:

Experience a cool and refreshing sleep with our mattress's breathable design. Engineered to optimize airflow, it ensures continuous ventilation throughout the night, keeping you comfortably cool. Enhanced with edge support technology, our mattress provides stability and prevents sagging, maximizing the usable sleeping surface. Plus, its hypoallergenic and sanitized materials make it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Zip Cover: Our mattress comes with a convenient zip cover, allowing for easy removal and cleaning whenever needed. Keep your mattress fresh and hygienic with this added feature.

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