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Indulge in the epitome of comfort with our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled support and relaxation. Developed by NASA, memory foam is a unique layer of high-density visco-elastic polymer gel that reacts to heat and pressure, conforming to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body. Recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike, our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress offers elastic properties that improve blood circulation and enhance your overall sleep quality.


Our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress features a hypoallergenic cover that is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a fresh and hygienic sleep environment free from allergens and dust mites. With a 12cm reflex foam base and an additional 10mm layer of memory foam, our mattress offers the perfect balance of support and comfort. This superior construction guarantees a customized sleep experience tailored to your needs.


Available in both regular and firm comfort options, our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress caters to individual preferences, allowing you to select the perfect level of support for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. Experience the ultimate in comfort and support with our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress, your key to a revitalizing sleep experience.


Available in multiple sizes, including Single, Small Double, Double, King-Size, and Super King, our Mattress caters to a variety of bed frames and preferences. Choose the size that best suits your needs, ensuring a tailored and comfortable sleep experience for every member of your household.

Dream Sleep Memory Reflex Mattress

£249.00 Regular Price
£149.00Sale Price

Enhanced Support: Our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress provides enhanced support with its thick layer of high-density reflex foam and additional 10mm layer of memory foam. Experience optimal weight distribution and pressure relief for a truly restful sleep experience.

Quick Rebound Technology: Unlike traditional mattresses, our Dream Sleep memory foam mattress utilizes quick rebound technology, ensuring minimal body molding and maintaining a firm feel throughout the night. Enjoy stable support without sacrificing comfort.

Zip Cover: Our mattress comes with a convenient zip cover, allowing for easy removal and cleaning whenever needed. Keep your mattress fresh and hygienic with this added feature.

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